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this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood


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  • 2010 tumblr: don't be racist or homophobic or sexist. Be kind and accepting
  • 2014 tumblr: I'm more oppressed than you. Don't listen to white rappers. Sushi is cultural appropriation. Kill straight people.
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When Liam takes Louis’ mic, Niall comes to his rescue :D | 16.8.14

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I feel like I should just flip out and do something crazy. It’s boring when people tell me I’m really well grounded. I feel a little bit sensible ? I don’t want to be that. —Alex

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i’ll stop dressing in black when they invent a darker colour

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2011 - 2013

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british person: wot is ur fauvourouriute coulourur? x
me: chill

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