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common sense, really

That comic strip highlights a normal way of thinking for me.

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never forget

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The sad fact is that 41% of New York City babies are aborted.

The chilling fact is that 59.8% of black New York City babies are aborted.

Only FOUR out of TEN black children make it outside of the womb in New York City.

We must stop the industrialized killing of our unborn children. What legacy will you leave?

The sad fact is that each night, more than 21,000 children are homeless in NYC.

The number of people sleeping in shelters has grown 60 percent in the past decade.

Families make up 3/4ths of the homeless population.

53% of the homeless in shelters are black, 32% are Latino.

65.5 percent of high school seniors graduate in NYC.

There are currently 12,568 children in foster care in NYC.

In 2011, there were over 90,000 separate reports of abuse/neglect in NYC. 

There are 131 children in secure detention. 112 in non-secure detention.

There are more than 108,000 children in NYC who have a parent that is incarcerated. More than 73 percent of women who are incarcerated have a child under the age of 18. 

But go ahead and try to explain how you care about children. Just try to justify how you can ignore all of these children, for a fetus. 

Forcing people to stay pregnant does nothing for children. Advocate for better sex education. Fight to help PoC who find themselves with unwanted pregnancies. Don’t ignore the fact that nearly 90 percent of pregnancies that end in abortion for PoC were unplanned, use this information to help them. 

My legacy is one of respect, understanding, education, and compassion. You’ll catch on eventually. 

That rebuttal is the best thing I’ve read all week.

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this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood


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  • 2010 tumblr: don't be racist or homophobic or sexist. Be kind and accepting
  • 2014 tumblr: I'm more oppressed than you. Don't listen to white rappers. Sushi is cultural appropriation. Kill straight people.
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When Liam takes Louis’ mic, Niall comes to his rescue :D | 16.8.14

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I feel like I should just flip out and do something crazy. It’s boring when people tell me I’m really well grounded. I feel a little bit sensible ? I don’t want to be that. —Alex

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i’ll stop dressing in black when they invent a darker colour

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2011 - 2013

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